Leah: PEAKES - Still Life

In a time where there is so much emphasis on making sure we’re at the most hyped over events, gatherings, and places to be “seen”, Fiona Burgess has created a music video for PEAKES’ new single Still Life, which surrounds itself around the importance of being present with one’s solitude.

#Niigirl Leah Abraham, prides herself in supporting and advocating for women’s rights, not only in the most obvious mainstream ways we are used to, but also supporting and finding importance in having spaces for women with their vulnerabilities, and softness at the forefront.

Right now, the current flux in women’s rights, is focused on empowering women in the “strongest” ways possible. It’s nothing short of amazing that we are vocalizing (and being heard) on how we uniquely can use our bodies, our minds, our feelings, and our experiences, to show how strong and capable we are to do things. However, it’s important we remember there is an empowering factor in showing one’s vulnerabilities and not seeing that side of us as a weakness, but more so just a part of who we are, as humans who feel things. Find out more about Leah’s present advocacy, substantial work she’s done with Birdsong, and future projects on her Instagram: @asoftwoman