Inez: Beauty Hacks

Inez, one of our #niigirls shares with us the thoughts and ideas behind her latest project “Beauty Hack”.

Over my foundation year in Fine Art at Kingston I explored how beauty is perceived in contemporary culture and consumerism. I was especially keen on representing the current cross-over that is happening between beauty and electronics and the imagery this creates: it is all dystopian and surreal. My final major project “The Rebirth of Venus” juxtaposes the ideal of the traditional representation of the goddess in Botticelli’s most famous depiction to a photo of a model in the same pose but dressed in modern clothing and with an LED face-mask, the strangest beauty product I have found on the internet. Through my work I aim to criticize how nowadays beauty is considered as something easy to buy and to achieve through methods that are quickly becoming more far-fetched and absurd.

Inez is a London-based artist working mostly with print. Find more about her and her work at:

Below some of the outcomes of her project:

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